Bears have held a special place in the human imagination for tens of thousands of years. More than almost any other animal, the bear is deeply rooted in our art, folklore, myth, religion, literature, and history.

A Cultural Icon Finds New Life

People are fascinated by bears. In parts of the world where bears still exist they are regarded by different cultures, and by individuals within a culture, with varying combinations of admiration, respect, fear, annoyance, and sometimes even envy. In areas where they once existed but no longer do, bears continue to be represented in local tradition and people continue to have varied perceptions of them, despite their physical absence.

The Louisiana Black Bear is part of our region’s unique natural heritage. Once plentiful, its numbers fell to some 200 individuals by the mid-1900’s. Thanks to the Coalition, individuals, governing bodies, companies, and science-based conservation, the bear population is rebounding. We are proud of the progress we’ve made but aware that much work remains.

We hope you’ll take a moment to explore this site and learn more about the Louisiana Black Bear, its habitat, challenges, and how you can support the restoration of a healthy population of bear in the region.

Paul Davidson, Executive Director